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Welcome to U.S. Government and Economics

This course, open only to seniors, seeks to familiarize students with the concepts on which our government and economic systems are built. Major emphasis is placed on understanding the three branches of government and their interaction, and an understanding of the free market system.


Remy, Richard C. and Congressional Quarterly. United States Government: Democracy in Action-2003 Edition. New York, NY: Glencoe McGraw-Hill, 2003.












It must be understood at the outset that there is extensive reading; it must be completed in advance of the material covered in class. By reading each day's assignment before coming to class, the presentation and discussion for that day will mean more to you, and you will find it easier to take notes. You are expected to have a comprehensive understanding of all topics treated in the text and the classroom. Examinations will test for understanding of both the readings and classroom discussions. Class discussions are intended to embellish the readings, not repeat the material. Readings, activities, and discussions are all means of carrying on an inquiry into the topic at hand and are meant to supplement rather than duplicate each other (although some repetition and reinforcement is intended and desirable). Class participation is mandatory!

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Official U.S. Government Website - portal for all U.S. government sites.  Firstgov.gov

Election 2008 - A collection of sites about the race for president





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