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Chapter One in The Power Game

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Hedrick Smith

Table of Contents



Part I.  The Nature of Power

  1. The Presidency and the Power Float: Our Rotating Prime Ministers

  2. The Power Earthquake of 1974: The Impact of Reform, Money, and Television

  3. The Soft Sides of Power: Visibility, Credibility, and Power Surfing

  4. Porcupine Power: The Politics of Being Prickly

  5. The Power Loop: Narrow Access vs. Widening the Circle

Part II.  The Players and the Playing Field

  1. Life Inside the Beltway: The Folkways of Washington

  2. Congress and the Constant Campaign: Survival Politics and the New Breed

  3. Pentagon Games: The Politics of Pork and Turf

  4. The New Lobbying Game: Grass Roots Pressure and PAC Money

  5. Shadow Government: The Power of Staff

Part III.  The Big Games of Power

  1. The Agenda Game: Speed, Focus, and Damage Control

  2. The Image Game: Scripting the Video Presidency

  3. The Coalition Game: The Heart of Governing

  4. The Opposition Game: Fighting, Swapping, and Remodeling

  5. The Foreign Policy Game: Bureaucratic Tribal Warfare

  6. The Other Foreign policy Game: End Runs and Back Channels

Part IV. Governing: Why It Doesn't Work Better

  1. Divided Government: Gridlock and the Blame Game

  2. Where's the Majority Party?: No Longer the Democrats, Not Yet the Republicans

  3. Our Political Discontent: Campaigning vs. Governing

  4. What Is to Be Done?




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