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AIf a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be@

-Thomas Jefferson



The history of our country is presented from the time of exploration and settlement up to the present decade. The course emphasizes those people and events that created the United States . Although the major stress is on history, the social and cultural patterns of various periods are studied in order to reveal those pressures that influenced political and historical decisions. The course attempts to develop an understanding of our history in order to enable the student to become a well-informed and good citizen.





Q                 Danzer, Gerald; Klor de Alva, J.; Woloch, Nancy; Wilson, Lewis; The Americans.




You will be required to read assigned portions of the text on a daily basis.  It is essential that you keep up with these readings for at least two reasons.  First, if you fall behind, it will be difficult to catch up when tests and quizzes are given.  Second, the class will be much more interesting for all of us if everyone is able to participate class discussions.


Class participation is mandatory!





Your grade will be based on the following:




There will be a quiz every Friday on the material covered during the week.  The questions will be objective in nature, and the quiz will take less than half the period to complete.  There will be a test at the end of each unit in the book, which will consist of short answer and essay questions.  You will also be required to write some essays out of class.





There will be daily reading assignments in the text, which will usually amount to one section of a chapter.  In addition you will be required to review an assigned section of the American history outline on the class web site at http://boballey.dreamstation.com/trinity/u_s__history.htm.  You must also do the Section Assessment at the end of the reading in your notebook.  You will be expected to be able to answer and discuss questions about the readings, the outline, and the assessment in class.       


<                    NOTEBOOK

You will be required to keep a notebook for this class.  A three ring binder would be the best choice because you will keep your daily assignments, notes on current events, notes you take in class, and handouts I give you in this notebook.  I will check and grade your notebook with every test.


<                    CLASS WEB SITE

You will be expected to check the site at http://boballey.dreamstation.com/trinity/u_s__history.htm on a regular basis for daily assignments and other information about the class.


<                    CURRENT EVENTS

You will be expected to stay abreast of current events, as they will be discussed frequently in class and may appear on quizzes and tests.  Frequently, I will make specific assignments regarding current events.


<                    PARTICIPATION

You will be given a weekly participation grade based on the quantity and quality of your contributions to class discussions.


<                    WEIGHTING

Each assignment will be worth a certain number of points.  The following point values will apply unless you are told differently.

        Tests                      100 points

        Notebooks             50 points

        Quizzes                  25 points

        Participation           10 points (weekly)


<                    RESEARCH PAPER

Due February 28, 2003 . For more details go to the History Research part of the class web site. 




This class is based on an atmosphere of relaxed alertness and intellectual freedom.  You must come prepared to learn, personal accountability is key.  This means that you must bring all necessary materials and that you do the prerequisite reading.  No materials may be on your desk other than those related to this class.  This is your classroom, help create an atmosphere of ownership and positive interdependence.  Mutual respect, for property and opinion, is paramount.






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