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Government Topics

AP Government Research Assignment


Due date

December 5, 2003


5-6 pages


Size 12 font

Double spaced

1" margins all the way around


Not included in required number of pages

Must include at least 8 sources other than encyclopedias or textbooks. Two may be Internet sources.

List of sources Due November 7

Must follow standard MLA format


Use parenthetical notations or end notes

Must cite all unoriginal information or ideas


Anything having to do with American government

Choose from the list or pick one of your own and get it approved by me

Due October 30


Must defend a thesis having to do with your subject

Due October 30

First Draft of Introduction Due November 26

Due Dates

October 30 - Subject and Thesis

November 7 - List of Sources

November 26 - First Draft of Introduction

December 5 - Final Draft




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