Chapter 8
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Inventions Improved Life

Steel plow

John Deere


Cyrus McCormick

Vulcanized rubber

Charles Goodyear

Sewing machine

Elias Howe

I.M. Singer

Foot pedal

Assembly line


Robert Fulton




Samuel Morse

Anti Slavery Movement

Back to Africa

William Lloyd Garrison

"The Liberator"

Anti slavery publication


Blacks should have same rights as any American citizen

Founded American Anti Slavery Society

Forum for abolitionist views

Nat Turner's Revolt


Led 50-60 slaves in a revolt against 5 plantations

Stopped at the 5th

Members either captured or killed

Turner hanged

Southern states banned circulation of written anti slavery material

Blamed revolt on "The Liberator"

Frederick Douglass

Escaped from slavery in 1838

Wrote autobiography

Great speaker

Spoke often Anti Slavery Society

Abolition without violence

Sojourner Truth

Former slave

Great speaker

Spoke at Anti Slavery Society

Harriet Tubman

Underground railroad

Prejudice in the North

Slavery as a positive good