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First Semester Exam Review

What It Covers

  • Chapters One, Two, Three, Eleven, Twelve and Sixteen in the Sabato Textbook
  • The Following Readings in Woll
    • Second Treatise of Civil Government - John Locke
    • Framing the Constitution - Charles Beard
    • Federalist
      • 10, 16, 17, 39, 44, 45, 47, 48, 51
    • Party Government
    • Toward a More Responsible Two Party System
    • Divided We Govern
    • A Theory of Critical Elections
    • Democratic Practice and Democratic Theory
    • The Responsible Electorate
    • Madison's Dilemma
    • Buckley v. Valeo
    • The Governmental Process
    • The Misplaced Obsession With PACs


  • 50 Multiple Choice Questions
    • Some questions will be taken from past quizzes and others will be taken from actual AP Exams from the past.  
  • 3 Essay Questions
    • Broad questions requiring you to synthesize the material we have covered so far
    • Here are some areas to which you should pay particular attention
      • Differences and similarities between the two major parties as reflected in the government and the electorate
      • Realigning Elections and Ronald Reagan
      • Factors that influence voters
      • Debate about the effects of declining political parties and whether or not they are declining
      • Federalism and Federal mandates
      • Debate over
      • Formal and informal methods of changing the Constitution

What to Study

  • All of the Assigned Readings in Sabato and Woll
  • Old Tests and Quizzes
  • Chapter Summaries
  • Chapter PowerPoints
  • Class Notes
  • Handouts

Chapter Summaries





First Semester Exam





 2006 Exam Review  



Here are the assignments that have been given so far this semester.  The dates refer to the date the assignment was due.

January 24

January 28

January 29

  • Explore the web site of an interest group and write a brief summary and analysis of what you find.
  • For a list of links to interest groups click on the following or search for a specific one.

January 30

  • Read pages 203-212 in Burns.

January 31

  • Read pages 212-224 in Burns.

February 1

February 4

  • Interest Group Assignment

February 19

February 20

February 26

February 27

February 28

  • Speaker

March 1

March 20

March 22

March 28

April 2

  • Electoral College Essay
    • Discuss the pros and cons, especially in light of the 2000 Presidential Election

April 5

  • Congress MC

April 12

  • Presidency MC

April 15

  • Monitor the news coverage of President Bush and Congress on a daily basis from April 2 through April 12 in the following media

    You may use the Internet to access the Washington Post and the New York Times but you must use the online print editions.  You must use the paper version of the Richmond Times Dispatch and watch the news broadcast on television.  

    Keep a journal with an entry for each date in the assignment.  Record the coverage of President Bush and Congress in the assigned newspapers each day.  Every entry should include the title, author, and location of each article.  A summary of the day's coverage in each newspaper is also required.  You should also record which news broadcast you watched, including its title and what time it aired, as well as the names of the stories, the reporters, and a summary of the coverage.  Record any overall thoughts you might have about the day's events, particularly concerning any differences in the coverage or evidence of bias.  Click here for sample journal pages.  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them.

    After you have made your last entry, write an essay on what you have learned about various media and their coverage of the national government.  The best essays will connect what you have learned about the media, the presidency, and Congress from the textbook, class discussions, and other sources with what you have learned from this assignment.

April 17

  • Judicial Branch MC

May 10

  • Mock Supreme Court
    • Case 
    • Roles
      • Nine justices
      • Six lawyers
      • One reporter
    • Assignments
      • Each justice will research all aspects of the case, read briefs, listen to arguments from each side, ask questions of the lawyers during oral arguments, briefly discuss the case, and write a formal opinion.
      • Each lawyer will research various aspects of the case, write a brief supporting his or her position, and argue that position before the court.
      • The reporter will research all aspects of the case, observe the oral arguments, and write an article about the case after the opinions have been written.
    • Activities and Dates
      • May 2 and 3 - Research
      • May 8 - Briefs Due
        • Make copies for everyone
      • May 10 - Oral Arguments
        • Fifteen minutes per side
      • May 16 - Opinions Due
        • Make copies for everyone
      • May 17 - Article Due
        • Make copies for everyone