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Pictures from the trip to Busch Gardens.  Click on them for a larger image.

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Congratulations Class of 2004.  Check out the newly created Graduation 2004 site.  If you have any thing you want me to add to this site, send it to me and I will.  Thanks Again!

Congratulations to all bowlers who beat me at Sunset Bowl.  All Three of you!  I'm buying lunch for every one who bowled 115 or better on November 19 in my room.  Remember you must donate one dollar to Operation Smile first.  Give it to Mr. Hamlin.  Thanks again to Mrs. Stiff.

2004 Trinity Golf Team Has Best Season in Ten Years

  • 11-4 Record
  • Beat Collegiate Twice
  • Fourth Place in the Tournament
  • Taylor Lambert All Prep
  • Jake Williams MVP
  • Captain, Titan Award Winner, and last year's MVP Rich Aust is the only senior and leaves us after three years on the team.  Good Luck Rich.  We'll miss you.
  • Three Year Veteran John Duni is Most Improved
  • Check out the Trinity Golf portion of this site for more information



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