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  • President - Ellie Miller
  • Vice President - Lizzie Holland
  • Treasurer - Patrick Brown
  • Secretary - Trey Kern



  • President - Will Hurd
  • Vice President - Christian Tiller
  • Treasurer - Evan Rowe
  • Secretary - Victoria Marchetti
  • Historian - Taylor Evers


  • The club had a good year in 2005/2006.
    • We had great leadership.
      • Co Presidents - Austin Bridgeforth and Catherine Marchetti
      • Vice President - Tim Hagood
      • Treasurer - Hunter Hopcroft
      • Secretary - Andy White
    • We attended the Youth Policy Forum in October at the State Capitol and Hunter Hopcroft wrote one of the speeches that was delivered in the afternoon.
      • Other attendees were Catherine Marchetti, Andy White, and Tim Hagood
      • Scroll down for more information on the Youth Policy Forum
    • We sent two teams, a prosecution and a defense, to participate in the Model Judiciary Program.
      • The prosecution team consisted of Christian Tiller, Taylor Evers, Jessica Sleevi, Rebecca Krey, Austin Bridgeforth, Page Dunbar, Will Hurd, and Jane Coffey.
        • They won their case against Collegiate.
      • The defense team consisted of Evan Rowe, John Gannon, Hunter Hopcroft, Tim Hagood, Daniel Lewkow, Andy White, and Catherine Marchetti as the defendant.
        • Unfortunately, they lost their case to Atlee
          • You never know what a jury will do
      • Scroll down for more information about our case.
    • We sent 16 students to the Model General Assembly at the beginning of April.  The Model General Assembly Program gathers students from schools all over Virginia at the State Capitol every year, where they assume the roles of senators and delegates in a simulation of the Virginia General Assembly.  Each school proposes at least one bill earlier in the year and tries to get it passed in April.  We proposed two bills, but they were very controversial, and, despite some eloquent and well reasoned oratory in their defense, they both failed to pass.
      • Scroll down for more information about the program and our bills.
      • The following students attended MGA
        • Will Hurd, Daniel Lewkow, Tim Hagood, Hunter Hopcroft, Andy White, John Gannon, Jessica Sleevi, Rebecca Krey, Kathryn Hansen, Catherine Marchetti, Austin Bridgeforth, Keller Stone, Rebecca Ott, Hannah Hesser, Miranda Dore, Jane Coffey
    • We sold lots of Chick-fil-a.  If you want Chick-fil-a next year click on the link, print the order form and turn it in to the office in September.
    • Good bye and Good Luck to the departing seniors, especially the officers mentioned above.
    • Welcome new officers
      • President - Will Hurd
      • Vice President - Christian Tiller
      • Treasurer - Evan Rowe
      • Secretary - Victoria Marchetti
      • Historian - Taylor Evers
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