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  Exam Review 2009

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First Semester Exam 

What It Covers

  • American History from the arrival of the Native Americans to the Age of Jackson
  • Chapters One through Seven in the textbook The Americans


  • 100 Objective Questions (1/2 point each) based on the Key Terms in Chapters One through Seven.
    • 48 Matching
    • 52 Multiple Choice 
  • 5 Essay Questions (10 points each) based on the Areas of Focus

What to Study

  • Areas of Focus
  • Essay Questions from the Four Tests
  • Objective Questions from the Six Quizzes



Areas of Focus

  • Causes and Events Leading to the American Revolution
  • The Constitutional Convention
  • Foreign Policy Problems of the First Four Presidents
  • The Presidencies of Andrew Jackson and His Successors
  • The Differences and Similarities Between the North and the South Beginning with Jamestown and Plymouth and Ending with the Presidency of Andrew Jackson

First Semester Exam